Group Yoga Sessions

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Group yoga is great for families, friends, sports teams/groups, schools, apartments and even co-workers. LaPadma’s group yoga sessions are flexible and cost effective. You can form groups at you home or office with your friends or family and our certified yoga instructor will visit your location to conduct yoga session. In a group we will take only up to 20 people, this is to ensure that each participant gets special attention. 

For Ladies

Women, need to be able to keep multiple things at the same time ensuring that not a single one of them falls at any time. With regular office work during the day and the household by night, women literally lives the life of a superman. At LaPadma, we understands the unique requirements of women and has designed customized yoga programmes that keep them prepared and charged for the day to day hustle. The classes are assisted by experienced lady instructors.

For Kids

Introducing yoga to children at an early age will help them understand the importance of health and wellness in life.  When they practice the physical postures or exercises (called asanas), they learn to move more freely and with greater ease and awareness. Pediatricians and educators recommend that children should participate in activities that enhance their overall development. Yoga is highly beneficial for kids with special needs as well. LaPadma’s yoga for kids comprises of several basic asanas, breathing exercises and storytelling.

For Aged People

Along with maturity, grace, wisdom and experience, growing older can also bring in many challenges. Seniors experience higher rates of depression, anxiety, and other psychological and emotional health ailments. Healthy eating and exercise can assist in preventing diseases and injuries. It also helps to keep your body in good shape. Breathing exercise and meditation can keep your mind sharp. LaPadma’s unique set of yoga practices for seniors, especially gentle yoga, is light on the body but offers a wide array of health benefits.